Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For duck's sake

Local news cracks me up.

On the six'o'clock news, one of the local reporters did a story about a community in Rio Rancho that's up in arms because a local golf course was alledgedly "poisoning," the ducks that call the golf course's ponds home. The disgruntled citizens turned out to be a group of kids who gathered in front of the camera and spoke in a loud chorus. One chubby boy spoke the loudest, saying things like, "They're killing them all! We saw them sprinkle this white, powdery chemical into the water!"

Then comes this middle aged Rio Rancho lady who looks at the camera and says, "This is just ruining it for all of the people who moved to Rio Rancho because of the ducks."

Excuse me? This is Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The rico suave suburb of Albuquerque where everyone drives like they're in L.A., rhapsodizes about living the simple rural life then promptly builds a Chili, Outback Steakhouse and a Hooters.

I think lady, that perhaps the golf course was a bigger selling point for the Rio Rancho transplants than were the ducks.

The golf course people, by the way, insist they aren't poisoning the ducks although they admitted they are discouraging the ducks from living on the greens.