Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just jammin'*

More food talk. Even when I'm in the doldrums food can still get me excited. I went to the Farmers Market out in Corrales. It's just a small market compared to the ones in Albuquerque and Santa Fe but that's a good thing because otherwise I might not have found Heidi and her raspberry jam. People always say you can taste the difference when something is fresh, local and organic. Perhaps this is why her jam tasted so damn good. I don't know. It just tasted damn good. Like raspberries, not just sugar or cornstarch. I don't know how else to describe it, but according to her web site, she uses four different varieties of raspberries grown in Corrales. (I can't believe you can grow raspberries in Corrales). A lot of people at the market were selling fresh, organic eggs as well (which harkens back to the cover of this magazine, which I devoured from cover to cover) but since I already had eggs I decided to pass.

New Mexico is so dry and arid you wouldn't think there'd be much locally grown anything, but there's quite an abundance. There are a whole bunch of foodies out in Santa Fe. I swear you couldn't walk a block in Santa Fe without tripping into a pothole and landing in an art gallery or restaurant/cafe.I think Deborah Madison (author of The Greens Cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone and proponent of the Slow Food Movement) lives in or near Santa Fe. Hey, I just googled her and found her blog.

Off to stuff more jam in my mouth.

*Sorry for the lame title.