Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's the weather...

Albuquerque can't make up its mind. One day its rainy and cold. The next day its hot and dry. One hour its blustery and your eyeballs feel like sandpaper from all that dust blowing at your face. The next hour the air is so still you can barely manage to walk to the mailbox. The weather here makes me nervous, mostly because I know I have to drive in it and I don't want it to suddenly hail or rain. I don't trust New Mexican drivers in the rain and the streets aren't built for rain. No drainage. A drizzle causes a river on the surface roads, which were dangerous enough to begin with because the sun had scorched the road markings to the faintest suggestions. And the local news stations are always going on and on about the state's horrible drunken driving problems.

A few days ago, it rained. I should be used to it, but I stared glumly out the car window and said, "I hate this weather. When will it end?"

Chris looked and me and said. "You do? I thought you liked this weather."

And I do recall saying I liked rainy weather better than sunny weather. I said that all the time when I lived in Hawaii. I'm not even sure if I truly meant it anymore, or if it was just something I said. As of late, I'm realizing I do that often. Just say things to say it without thinking about whether I mean it. That probably makes me a hypocrite since I'm sure I said I don't like small talk or I'm not good at small talk.

I think I'll shut up for now.