Friday, May 18, 2007


What a fucking night. Planned to go camping at Chaco Canyon, where the New Mexico astronomy club was hosting some kind of event and letting the public look through some pretty high-tech telescopes. I think there was going to be an interesting talk on the history of the area and the role astronomy played in the ancient civilization.

Instead, on the way there we hit a (relatively small) steer. Now part of Chris' car is damaged. Amazingly, we were able to turn around and drive it back the 2 hours it takes to get back to the city. Christ, I keep thinking of that steer. There were two of them in the road, each facing opposite directions so when he swerved to avoid one, he hit the other. I'm pretty sure it died. I can still see their eyes, staring at us right before we hit them. All I could see was their eyes because they were dark-haired. Chris said all he saw were their white hooves.

Then, on the way home we were passed by two speeding police vehicles and a fire/ambulance. Turned out to be a pretty bad accident. A SUV with a trailer had flipped over in the middle of one lane and it looked like another car had some front-end damage. I saw one of the firemen trying to get under the SUV, which made me think there were people trapped in there. *Shudder*

I'm so glad to just be home safe.